What every “Enlightened person” knows, but has just recently started talking about :

What every “Enlightened person” knows, but has just recently started talking about :

1. Reality is an Illusion – watch this clip~

2. We live in a Holographic Universe – watch this clip ~

3. That there is this “Comic cycle” of events that last 25,920 years , known as the ” Precession of the equinoxes ” and life also,, has a script , a story line.. That’s referred to as the ” Hero Journey ” ~ watch this clip ~http://youtu.be/E0OvRFdOqro

And right now in ( 2015 ) we are in “The Age of Aquarius” its an astrological term, with a set of events based on the Hero’s Journey script…

It’s like a giant universal theater , a giant universal calendar ,, with different event designed to evolve mankind.. To evolve our souls…
It’s being repeated through time,, just different names,, same events..

* now !!! if anyone has followed me this far,, and I doubt anyone has… the kicker is this ,,, reality is fluid ,, with Multiple time dimensions, a Universe full of human like creature all going through similar shit…AND~ It may have already happened ( Past-tense) ,, and we’ve got this VILLAIN,, who has been fucking with our development, a Criminal Cabal ,, what ever you want to call it … And in this Hero’s Journey,, like a big Hollywood movie ,, we as humanity have to defeat the Villain to enter into the ” Golden Age of the Precession of the equinoxes…

So,, I was never a star student in school,, and that may have help me.. Because I wasn’t filled up with lies & deceptions ,, I was able to have a fresh perspective, later in life on this topic…

So , if your like me, & raised in a religious community .. You may have already shut your brain off… Because this challenges your reality..
It challenges every thing you ever was taught ..

Let me just say this … Understanding the complexity of this , it only brings me closer to God.. And re enforces , my belief that we are all one , one greater conciseness , and Love is the ultimate lesson .. God is love, God is everything , and we are all a manifestation of a higher intelligence ..

It took me 45 years to figure this shit out,, and there is a lot more to this story I won’t share,,, I don’t think its Gods intention to serve everything up , all the answers on a silver platter … We understand things, when we are ready… To understand ..

But to eliminate fear, * we don’t die! There is a cycle of Karma, * you do reincarnate , til you learn everything ,, you want to learn everything you can about the 3rd eye,, you want to rebuke evil!! And use the Golden Rule is all your affairs 🙂

Quote :
“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”


Douglas Lee Thompson
Blogger http://www.douglasleethompson.wordpress.com






3 thoughts on “What every “Enlightened person” knows, but has just recently started talking about :

  1. Bonjour Douglas /// Every single word is at the same time corpuscular and undulatory. It is a point-and-wavelength that unfolds at the speed of information, therefore faster than the speed of light. /// The inmost word wretchedness is of lower frequency, while the inmost word beauty is of higher frequency. Any message composed in the frequency of inmost beauty spreads its wave energy of Life more intensively and faster than any other message. /// You are in the accurate space and time and what you do is very interesting. Your message is honest, that’s so freshly valuable ! /// Definitely yes, we are 1, since 1+1=1. Congratulations ! http://florraison.blogspot.nl/2013/06/vitamine-19.html Irénée, an artist from another world / un artiste d’un autre monde.

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