Is Jim Morrison / Rush Limbaugh ?

After a close analysis of photos of Jim Morrison and Rush Limbaugh , photos are years apart, but I believe there sufficient evidence to come to a conclusion, Jim Morrison and Rush Limbaugh are indeed the same man.. Both Jim & Rush’s have photos that are steeped in illuminati hand symbols..

Jim Morrison’s father George Stephen Morrison was Commanding Admiral of the U.S. Navy Forces in Vietnam during the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Which was a false flag ( now admitted by the NSA ) and got us into Vietnam War in the first place. Afterwards his son Jim comes along as front man of the group ” The Doors ” a center piece band of the hippie era. Coincidence? There were many ” counter culture ” figures who had parents that worked for the U.S. Government, and lived in Laurel Canyon. Near Hollywood California,, many products of the Military establishment, Frank Zappa, John Phillips, David Crosby etc…




Last photo of Jim Morrison ***** top one is Rush


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