Wikipedia English Encyclopedia biography submission for Douglas Lee Thompson , Submitted June 2015

Wikipedia English Encyclopedia biography submission for Douglas Lee Thompson , Submitted June 2015

Douglas Lee Thompson – Biography
Douglas Lee Thompson, Theoretical Philosopher, writer, Alchemist, blogger, genealogical studies, California USA Resident

Born: December 27,1969 Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
Raised in Massachusetts and Maine
Places of Residence:
Dexter, ME
Bedford, MA.
Jacksonville, FL.
Panama City Beach, FL.
Oceanside, CA.
North Hollywood, CA.
Las Vegas, NV.
San Francisco, CA.
Portland, OR.
Europe : United States Navy

U.S. Navy 1988-2001 Active
Combat Veteran: Gulf War, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, NATO European deployed, Honorable discharge

Employment History:
United States Navy, Naval Aviation
New York Life / Nylife Securities
Midland National Life / Walnut Street Securities / Consulting Firm
Retail, Bartender, Sales , variety occupations.

Received diagnosis of having Combat PTSD in 2008, variety heath diagnosis from service in Gulf War/ U.S Navy, all diagnosis are service connected U.S Armed Forces / U.S. Navy, diagnosed 100% disabled in 2013.

Became a Peace advocate in 2012, doing activism work for the Venus Project, return to school 2012-2015.

Currently 2015: a Writer, Blogger, Theoretical Philosopher, Alchemist studying theater, comedy, artificial intelligence, and a advocate for peace, advocate for humanity.

Aspirations included, writing a philosophy book, writing theater plays, blogging for humanity, and seeking to create artificial intelligence, digital imaging, genealogy studies at Boston University and being adventurous.

Genealogy Records tie Douglas Lee Thompson, to the Founding Fathers of Colonial New England, the Knights Templar, and Colonial Freemasonry Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine USA 1635.

Douglas Lee Thompson, born in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine; genealogy reports tie him to the Founding Fathers of the United States of America who settled in Newbury, Massachusetts in 1635.
Douglas Lee Thompson, born in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine; genealogy reports tie him to the Founding Fathers of the United States of America who settled in Newbury, Massachusetts in 1635.   My great ancestors, seeking a New World where they could live, worship, avoid unreasonable taxation and raise their families without government harassment, took part in what is known as The Great Migration. Leaving England in 1634 aboard the ships Mary & John, The Blessing, and eight others that left Whitehall, England to settle the New World.

They departed a turbulent England just in time, prior to the start of the English Revolution, which led to the beheading of King Charles for treason in 1649. My family’s story goes like this: Giles Badger with his brothers, and Captain Edmund Greenleaf, a Huguenot Refugee, fled France in the 16th Century to England on religious principles. They got together and booked passage to New England.

Giles Badger and Capt. Edmund Greenleaf are among the very first to settle Newbury, Massachusetts in 1635.

Giles Badger ended up marrying Capt. Greenleaf’s daughter, Elizabeth Greenleaf and they had one son, John Badger.

Giles died at the early age of 37, but his sacrifice is why I’m here today. John Badger, his son, was born in 1643 in Newbury, MA. His contribution to New England is immeasurable, having thirteen children,  starting the very first horse-powered “Oatmeal” mill. He later became a sergeant in the militia in 1690, joining Captain John March’s Co. North Regiment in an expedition to Canada. (Citation-Society Colonial Wars).

Sgt. John Badger died in 1691, at the early age of 48 from Smallpox. However, his descendants gave New England a foundation for success, most notably a Governor in New Hampshire, William Badger, a great American Colonial painter, Joseph Badger, and many military leaders from the Revolution, Civil War, WWII, and on, continuing to me, Douglas Thompson, fighting in the Gulf War, and Desert Shield/Desert Storm in Iraq. The most notable military family member is Brigadier General Joseph Badger(1722-1803). He was appointed as Deputy Sheriff and Judge of Probate in addition to being appointed Brigadier General in 1780. He also founded the Gilmanton Academy.

So a break down of how this leads to me:

1. Giles Badger-Born in Wooton Gloucestershire, England & Capt. Edmund Greenleaf, a refugee from France & Ipswich, England, arrives in New England in 1634.

2 Giles Badger gets married to    Elizabeth Greenleaf and settles Newbury, MA. 1635. They have one son, John, in 1643.

3. John Badger(1643-1691) Newbury, Massachusetts.

4. John Badger(1665-1730) Newbury, Massachusetts.

5 John Badger(1691-1751) Newbury, Massachusetts.

6. Ezra Badger(1717-1761) Newbury, Massachusetts.

7. Ezra Badger(1744-) Amesbury, Massachusetts.

8. John Badger(1772- 1844) Concord, New Hampshire & Palmyra, Maine.

9. Philip E. Badger(1795-1865) Palmyra, Maine & Foxcroft, Maine. * 13th Maine Infantry, Civil War.

10. Charles H. Badger(1852-1917) Married: Nettie M. Blethen of Sebec, Foxcroft, Maine they had a son, my grandfather, Lawrence.

11. Lawrence Lewellyn Badger, born on December 29, 1912 in Orneville, Maine. * My Grandfather Lawrence shares something with our 32nd President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt; he was a child of Polio. Being raised in a family of farmers, my grandfather went to live with the “Thompson” family in Maine. His resilience for life helped him not only overcome his Polio symptoms but he also worked for several years on the railroad and became an amateur artist/photographer, prior to marrying Hilda Pearl of Garland, Maine. Based on family investigation, Lawrence made an arbitrary move prior to his marriage, changed his name to Thompson to honor the family who nurtured him through the challenges of living with Polio. Lawrence and Hilda had a son in 1941, Kenneth.

12. Kenneth Thompson of Bangor, Maine and long-time resident of Dexter, Maine. Kenneth married a local girl named Pamela Woodbury in 1969 gave birth to me, Douglas, in the same year.

13. Douglas Lee Thompson born December 27, 1969 in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. Military service from 1988-2001; US Navy, Gulf War Veteran, descendant of Giles Badger, Gloucestershire, England, settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts, and pioneers of America.





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