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“This belief that the world is entirely independent of our minds and objective, and unaware of us, is the kind of scientific fiction in which we operate. The real truth that appears to our perceptions, the truth of our immediate experience, is that the mind is a concentric field of diminishing intensity, that can draw events and circumstances far from the ranges of probability.”


“Limbic Resonance, which they describe as “a symphony of mutual and internal adaptation whereby two Humans become attuned to each other’s inner states.” This is an unconscious and internal process, which they say is “the door to communal connection.”

Deconditioning the Human Condition


Transcending Duality

A BODHISATTVA IS an ordinary person who takes up a course in his or her life that moves in the direction of buddha. You’re a bodhisattva, I’m a bodhisattva; actually, anyone who directs their attention, their life, to practicing the way of life of a buddha is a bodhisattva.

*** Self knowl·edge  *** to know your there, here*,,, you need an echo , reality isn’t actuality, its a refection of actuality, reality is our echo.. to our actuality…. * Echo – ” a close parallel or repetition of an idea ” * Echo, ” (of a sound) be repeated or reverberate after the original sound has stopped.” Life..

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