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find your power place! find your purpose, reflect, think, time, life work, what is it, what is it, what do I hate doing, dont do that ,, what do I love, self esteem, what is the self, find it, just try it, dont let your dream go, why not, whats the next step, I believe, whats that dream, what books do I like, what are my skills, run to it, develop it, stop FEAR, self esteem, chin up, I can, I can, this isnt it, I can, no FEAR, fear kills dreams, no FEAR, I can, what do I get from fear, no fear, its going to happen, you will make people mad, thats there problem, frame your dream, confident, chin up, work on it, get outcome, not input, be outcome, create your reality, I can, positive words, build you up, just do you, dont give a fuck, just do you, talk to yourself, positive, figure it out, you can do this, get good people around you, read more books, be all about your business, adjust, grow, dont beat yourself up, rise & shine, shut the TV off, dont watch the news, dont be scared, the mind is powerful, get the negative out of your life, workshops, train, faith, build, happy, journal, blog, write down your goals, idea, write it down, say it , declare it, you will face trouble, fight, fight hard, swing, you will get knocked down, get up, calm, focus, get around strong leaders in life, people who are searching, its easy to be on the bottom, rise & shine, come on, I can, there is no enemy within, its my time, im different, who am I, what can I better, take inventory, standards, I can, ,,,tumblr_mpit6ncPRd1s528ido1_500

NEGATIVE PEOPLE, get them out of your life










http://www.douglasleethompson blog

Douglas Lee Thompson is Bodhi Rex North


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