A ” Bodhi Rex North a Original Poem ” #2 , Bodhisattva / douglasleethompson Blog November 12,2015


I Will Fear NOT / douglasleethompson blog


  • Find your power place! find your purpose, reflect, think,
  • Time, life work, what is it, what is it, what do I hate doing,
  • Dont do that ,, what do I love, self esteem, what is the self,
  • Find it, just try it, dont let your dream go, why not, whats the next step,


  • I believe, whats that dream, what books do I like, what are my skills,
  • Run to it, develope it, stop FEAR, self esteem, chin up, I can, I can,
  • This isnt it, I can, no FEAR, fear kills dreams, no FEAR, I can,
  • What do I get from fear, no fear, its going to happen, you will make people mad,
  • Thats there problem, frame your dream, confident, chin up, work on it,


  • Get outcome, not input, be outcome, create your reality, I can, positive words,
  • Build you up, just do…

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