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  1. the ability to do something that frightens one.
    “she called on all her courage to face the ordeal”

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Signs and Symptoms of Attack by Directed Electromagnetic Weapons

This information is never intended to be a threat to national security, only a threat to Domestic Terrorists and TERRORISM.


You may be a victim of organized stalking if:

  • You sense you are being watched and followed everywhere you go.
  • You notice consistently rude behavior from people you don’t know for no apparent reason.
  • You hear excerpts from conversations you had in the privacy of your home coming from people around you.
  • You feel that those around you have access to your thoughts.
  • Your relationships and friendships all become distant or strained for no apparent reason.
  • You have problems on the job where groups of people are plotting to have you terminated.
  • Your business deals consistently fall through for no apparent reason.
  • You experience vandalism on a regular basis.
  • You notice that your things are not in the same place you left them when you left home or some small items may be missing.
  • You experience frequent car repairs.
  • You experience frequent appliance or electronic malfunctions.

You may be a victim of electromagnetic attack if:

  • You experience burning sensations on your skin or internal organs.
  • You feel pin pricks on various parts of your body.
  • You feel minute/tiny droplets on various parts of your body even while indoors. (revised)
  • You feel some type of ‘energy’ moving inside your body.
  • You experience extreme head pains.
  • You feel drop-in-your-tracks fatigue on a regular basis.
  • You continually have difficulty sleeping.
  • You experience forced speech.
  • You experience uncontrolled-by-you movements of limbs or other body parts.
  • You hear the voices of other people inside your mind with no other signs of mental illness

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