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The equipment, based on microwave, infrasound, neuro science, biofeedback, and other technology, has the capability to administer a variety of effects when remotely directed at the victim either while inside their homes or away from their homes. headaches, laser-like burns, rashes, sharp pains that feel like electrical shocks, mood alteration, and neurological trauma.

Electromagnetic weapons are a type of directed energy weapons which use electromagnetic radiation to deliver heat, mechanical, or electrical energy to a target to cause pain or permanent damage. They can be used against humans, electronic equipment, and military targets generally, depending on the technology hen used against equipment, directed electromagnetic energy weapons can operate similarly to omnidirectional electromagnetic pulse (EMP) devices, by inducing destructive voltage within electronic wiring. 2016-1stop3


Burning sensation on the skin. Loss of hair. Feeling of temporary heating of the head. (demodulating RF effect) Rashes. Narcoleptic reactions, sleepiness. Sleep only after exhaustion. Virtual insomnia. Miscarriage. Gaunt face. Facial wrinkles. Losing skin turgor. Hair breaks from rapid microwave heat on hair causing increase fracturing of hair shafts from expansion of water via humidity. Loosing Control (unexplained anger) Heating of body. (Body feeling as if it is being cooked) Waking after sleep feeling as though you did not sleep…..mindcontrol-hirnstrome

predatory strategies, Electronic Harassment , Nano Bots, wireless sensors, Predatory Behavior???? what going on in day two of 2016….. Gang stalking made it to 2016…. strong clusters…. ???BDAY123

Gang Stalking , what to expect…


Electronic harassment symptoms ——————————————————————————– If you are a harassment target, you need to know which stage you’re at. I’m at stage 3 almost at stage 4. Source: Symptoms: Mind Control/Electronic Harassment/Organized Stalking Symptoms Death and disease threats via internet messages Reading and broadcasting private thoughts Frequent breakins and poisoning of food Frequent breakins at home and at work with clothing, furniture, business papers, computer files sabotaged, modified or stolen Frequent breakins and movement of items from their original places Controlled dreams Forced waking visions some sync’ed with body motion Exceptionally frequent blanking of recent memories, and truncation of new ideas Very unnatural inability to sleep, as if large amounts of caffeine have been consumed Sudden forced awakening at precisely the same time in the middle of the night, continuing for at least months, and right on a clock time such as 4am, zero minutes, zero seconds Sudden clumsiness, which can result in spills, spoilage of precise work, or injury Attacks of extreme fatigue, sometimes almost to the point of paralysis, when there is no reason for such attacks Frequent powerful itching without rash, and which may start as a small electric shock Artificial “bee stings”, especially while trying to get to sleep Wildly racing heart without any cause Sudden overheating, without any cause Frequent flailing of arms and legs as you try to sleep Fake sounds such as alarm clock going off when it shouldn’t, telephone ringing when there is no incoming call, knocking on the door but no one is there Voices, either very insulting, or telling you things that indicate you are under surveillance Vibration of body parts when trying to sleep High pitched tone in ears, which may change when switching electronic equipment on or off In some cases, statements by strangers indicating they know what you had for supper In some cases, statements by strangers indicating they can read your thoughts Artificial and powerful sexual stimulation Microwave oven and other electrical appliances going on and off “what appears” to be of their own accord Transparent eyelids Artificial tinnitus Forced movement of jaw and clacking of teeth Forced precision manipulation of hands Suddent violent itching inside eyelids Forced manipulation of airways, including externally controlled forced speech Wildly racing heart without cause Remotely induced violent “no-rash” itching often during delicate or messy work Forced nudging of arm during delicate or messy work causing spills or injury Intense general pain or hot needles pushed deep into flesh sensations Sudden over heating, all body pain, sleep prevention Forced drop-in-your-tracks sleep inducement Irresistible “go here, go there” commands Microwave burns, electric shocks By programming is isolated from maintaining employment or relationships with family members Constant mental rape, insults and humiliation Has no privacy even for his/her private thoughts Cannot plan secretly, hold trade secrets or intellectual property Is subject to vicious physical and psychological attacks Does not know how harassment is happening or by whom Does not know why harassment is happening May be accused of mentall illness, called delusional Cannot get away, no matter where he/she goes Bugged conversations Gossip, rumours, social and job connections broken Microwave voices, clicks, pops, brain zapping, direct harassment The mind/body symptoms of current day mind control include excruciating pain Additional symptoms courtesy of 1st STAGE SIGNS: Both adults and children should attempt to carefully sense whether they feel a shock or see lights as they drift off to sleep. Due to the difficulty of remembering such occurrences while drifting off to sleep or while waking up it is recommended that a sheet of paper and pencil be held in the hand so a mark can be made when such instances occur. Accompanying activity of sabotage of business and/or personal life, strange people in area, strange reactions from people, items moved or missing in home. Unaccountable increase in heart rate Nervousness Irritability Aggravated reactions Compressed vertebrae upon waking Sensitivity to sound Depression Minor spasms and Charlie horses Inability to concentrate Loss of memory Night sweats Sensitivity of ear to the touch Upon waking finding that the muscles of the back are tingling as if electrified Ringing in one or both ears and or hearing tone bursts (Tinnitus) GERD (difficulty in swallowing) Arthritis Blurred eye sight Teeth snap together when drowsy Loss of sleep Nails become wavy Water and cellulite accumulations on the upper thigh and buttocks from cellular fluids displaced generally from the head and upper body especially in women, where those fluids find ready redistribution in those areas Changes in the tone of the internal voice Waking up in extreme pain neck and shoulder cramps that lasts for days, weeks at a time Spontaneous tears without emotional thinking Mild pressure in the head, a cloudy feeling Increased need to urinate during the night Feeling puffs of air on the face and back, due to demodulation of energy near the surface of the skin Sensation that blood is trickling into localized areas of the brain and other parts of the body. This feeling is akin to the impression that these areas were devoid of blood Unaccountable increased heart rate just before drifting off to sleep causing you to wake up 2nd STAGE SIGNS: Burning sensation on the skin Loss of hair Feeling of temporary heating of the head Rashes Narcoleptic reactions, sleepiness Sleep only after mere exhaustion of enforced fatigue Virtual insomnia up days at a time with absoutely no sleep at all Miscarriage Gaunt face (haggard and drawn) Facial wrinkles Loss of skin turgor Hair breaks from rapid microwave heat on hair causing increase fracturing of hair shafts from expansion of water via humidity. Loosing control unexplained anger and rage Heating of body (body feeling as if it is being cooked) Waking after sleep feeling as though you did not sleep Children’s symptoms can manifest themselves as ADD and hyperactivity 3rd STAGE SIGNS: Loss of coordination Accidents from sleeplessness Damage to eyesight Atrophy of the muscles Heart valve damage Loss of weight and/or weight gain Nausea Sensitivity to sound Decreased dexterity Seizure Choking Vivid dreams Lost time (Alzheimer type symptoms) Mood swings Apathy Decrease in mental activity Limbs jerk typically as you are trying to sleep Weakness Lethargy or hyperactivity Forgetfulness Constipation 4th STAGE SIGNS: Heart attacks Stroke Syndromes Disease Insanity Death….mind control 5BirthDAYmindcontrol1mind controlimage Blogger

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  2. Remote neural monitoring satellite harassment terrorism and human experimentation of Brazil

    The brains of brazilians are connected to satellite technology to long for torture and murder and the government continues to ignore the facts. This satellite technology is controlled by a global network of Criminals these elements they enter the human brain 24hs the connection an come from several People at the same time, reading the visual córtex through the computer brain interface using telephone antennas, satellite and the brain human. Organized crime uses this weapons in drug and People trafficking to ring public tenders and vestibular our simply to torture innocent People. The weapons is dangerous through it you can insert sounds, images and other noises in the target’s head with the aid of acoustic waves vibrational, eletromagnetic radio frequency sound with the use of implantion or brain signature. This modern torture mechanism and elimination of human rights and individual privacy aims to weaken the target of the attack. This weapons uses Neuroeletronicas brain frequency of 3hz to 50hz distance to torture victim by sending intracranial voices plague victims who be come human guinea pigs in the hands of entire gangs that are usurping these bodies victims need to try a faraday cage p try to get rid of this harassment. Recently a US law against the use of climate and mind control weapons was passed, i would like to know the opinion of authorities regarding this type of crime around the world? My name is Marisa am a victim of human minds trafficking ring operating in southers Brazil, i have an intracranial implant an i’m being tortured.

  3. we all live in a very cruel world, and the people in authority, really don’t care about any of us, we are all just junk to be thrown away by each and every last authority figure, I’ve read that authority figures even abuse each other the same way the authority abuses all of us little people that are nothing but junk to all of those in power, too! What A Very Cruel World, Where NONE Of Anything Really Matters At All….not even opinions either, especially Not opinions, Because None of Us are Supposed to Have ANY of Those as little junk throw away nothings to the Authorities in This life, Not Ever! and I do question IT All….I don’t know What to Believe much anymore, IF I ever could Believe in Much of Anything or Anybody or Anyone Anyways! all of IT IS a Lie! and Very EVIL too.

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