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Victims of Gang Stalking and electronic harassment read first
Peter Mooring, Veterans Today Magazine
When you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment/electronic torture

Your attackers will do everything to isolate you. Although you may not experience electronic weapons attacks yourself, they may be used on people around you without them knowing this. This means your attackers can make your family member or friend cough, scratch their head, etc. to react to what you do. Your attackers can even force thoughts into people surrounding you. Be careful in your judgement! Also read:

Warning: you no longer can trust your own thoughts
Electronic Mind Control, Electronic weapons used on people surrounding the target WITHOUT them knowing this
Mind rape targets to steal, torture, murder, create enemies (and call them terrorists)


>>>>  Start reading Victims, Victims2.

You can also try to contact other victims or victim organizations (be careful: like in real life, you can be ‘attacked’ on the internet by perpetrators trying to steal your time, depress you, etc.).

A site with a lot of victims: http:/peacepink.ning.com
A site with a lot of information: http://targetedindividualscanada.wordpress.com

Organizations/persons you may want to contact (please let me know if you experience problems or the information is not correct):


Germany IGEF – Initiative gegen elektromagnetische Folter
Contact: Harald Brems
Phone: 01520/2173608
E-mail: habre@gmx.net
Website(s): http://www.e-waffen.de
Address: Winterfeldtstraße 90, 10777 Berlin
Postfach 870149, 13161 Berlin
Germany Verein gegen den Missbrauch psychophysischer Waffen e.V. / Association against the abuse of psychophysical weapons e.V.
Contact: Svetlana Shunin (more contacts on the website)
E-mail: EU-Verein@gmx.de, s-schunin@t-online.de
Website(s): http://www.strahlenopfer.oyla.de, http://www.psychophysical-torture.de.tl
Address: Postfach 1120, 76288 Stutensee (Germany South)
Poland STOP Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom (STOPZET)
Website(s): stopzet.wordpress.com
Netherlands STOPEG foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking)
Contact: Peter Mooring
Phone: +31 6 4124 3030
E-mail: info@stopeg.nl, or peterpm@xs4all.nl
Website: http://www.stopeg.nl
Address: Past. van Roesselstraat 29, 4631 ET Hoogerheide, The Netherlands
UK Christians Against Mental Slavery
Contact: John Allman
Phone: +44 7769 218187
E-mail: info@slavery.org.uk
Website: http://www.slavery.org.uk
Address: Flat 4, 30 Fore Street, Okehampton, Devon. EX20 1HB. United Kingdom
USA Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS)
(you can also join their conference calls)
Contact: Derrick Robinson (more contacts on the website)
Phone: 1-800-571-5618
E-mail: info@freedomfchs.com
Website: http://www.freedomfchs.com
Address: P.O. Box 3612, Landers, CA 92285
USA/Europe International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies (ICAACT)
No victim support, do implant scanning and analysis.
Contact: Jesse Beltran (US), Lars Drudgaard (Europe)
E-mail: us@icaact.org (US), eu@icaact.org (Europe)
Website(s): http://www.icaact.org
South Africa Contact: Carrin Behr
E-mail: 27798786618@vodamail.co.za
Address: 82 Sandalwood Lane, Elnita Road, Northwold, Johannesburg

Your attackers will do everything to depress you. One way to help you cope with this is not to take medication (!) but to make sure your body produces enough Endorphin. You get this by doing exercise, sports, like running, fitness workout, etc. and healthy eating. Also try to eat oranges/drink fresh orange juice every day, they are high in vitamin C (do not take vitamin C pills).

Some persons, who really care for you, may want you to visit a physician, or a psychiatrist. Their request can be hard to resist, they will do everything to persuade you. Probably you do not want to disappoint them and will go there. The doctor will listen to you and say you can get medicine to make your problem go away (which is nothing but an insult). If you are convinced that your observations are correct and you are not crazy then do not take any medicine and never visit any physician or a psychiatrist again!


If you are in immediate need for assistance you can call me:

+31 6 4124 3030, or +31 164 610 218

or you can Skype me:

Skype name: peterpm (Peter Mooring, Hoogerheide, NL)

Peter Mooring

On this page:


When you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment/electronic torture

After I started writing on the internet I have been contacted both by victims and perpetrators (undercover agents), telling me they were harassed and asking me what they should do. Below Is a summary of what I tell them, based on my research, my personal experience, and observations. At the moment there is no solution, there is no way to stop gang stalking (organized stalking) or electronic harassment/electronic torture. But with increasing number of victims (survivors) putting their stories on the internet, you will find you are not alone, that this is really happening, that you are not crazy. Do not consider this a manual, a page with solutions, I just hope you will find something you can use from the story below. Peter
Read full story

Mark Rich: The Hidden Evil / New World War

Mark Rich, a target of these crimes himself, created two sites with a wealth of information for victims of gang stalking and electronic harassement and for anyone who wants to know more about (political and/or people) control systems:

Like many victims, Mark needs our support: Check his latest status, donate, buy his book: The Hidden Evil, buy his book: New World War

CIA Torture by Robert Duncan
Project: Soul catcher is a very technical book by Robert Duncan about torture using hi-tech methods and weapons that many people probably cannot understand. But the book also includes a large part very worthwhile for everone looking for CIA torture methods. Many declassified documents are part of this description and not only victims but everyone (interested) in politics must read this book to understand what we are dealing with. Intelligence and military have been overtaken by psychopaths and are totally out-of-control.

Victims2, how to deal with …

When you are a victim of gang stalking (organized stalking) and/or electronic harassment/electronic torture

I get many questions from victims asking me how to deal with gang stalking (organized stalking) and electronic harassment / electronic torture. Unfortunately in many cases you cannot make it go away. Below I try to summarize how I deal with it. This probably is not the best way but it is a way, I am still here.


  1. How to deal with gang stalking in general?
  2. How to deal with synchronized events?
  3. How to deal with mind control?
  4. How to deal with mind reading?
  5. How to deal with electronic harassment / electronic torture?

Read full story

More ways to deal with these attacks
Below is a list with suggestions from victims:

  • Food: take extra vitamine C (you may want to read about and try sodium ascorbate), orange juice, broccoli, olive oil, dark fruits, tomato’s, paprika, etc.
  • To improve sleep: Melatonin, herbal tea
  • Learn as much as possible about gang stalking and electronic weapons
  • Contact other Targeted Individuals
  • Make sure your body produces enough Endorphin by doing exercise, sports. Gives you higher tolerance (mental and physical) against attacks. You get this for free!
  • Archive your harassment, e.g. in an Excel file, this will empty your head, limit your time working on this during the day! Print the file or make backups, e.g. on your mobile phone
  • Meditation. Dream away to the period before the harassment started
  • Listen to music, play 2 CD simultaneously (to prevent a silence gap between songs)
  • Live by your own principles
  • Use humor to put the tough times into perspective
  • Take pictures of your harassers

About implants and scanning
ICAACT is an organization that aims to obtain evidence of human rights abuses utilizing remote influencing technologies. They do this by scanning targeted individuals (TI’s) for implants. You can find a description of the scanning process on their website.
People often ask me if they should join an ICAACT scanning session. I do not have any objections, I mean what can be wrong with having yourself scanned for implants? But I also add that implants are not required for many types of harassment, including gang stalking and attacks with electronic weapons like directed energy weapons, laser weapons, ultrasound weapons. The same is true for attacks on your mind with brain reading and brain influencing devices. In some cases implants can make the attacks more easy.
Please note that it is very easy to implant a person. They just ‘shoot’ a microchip in your body, you probably will not even notice that this is done. They can do this at daytime, but but they can also drug you and chip you when you are asleep. There was a discotheque where they could shoot an RFID chip into your arm, then you could get drinks without signing or paying, walk outside and back in, etc.
After you have been scanned you will get a report from ICAACT and can do surgery to have your implants removed. At this moment (September 2013) I do not know anyone who 1) has been scanned by ICAACT and 2) has one or more implants removed and 3) demonstrated this to the world. If you are implanted then surgery can be very difficult because of surgeon reliability, camera’s during the surgery, etc. Not many people in history have been able to prove they were implanted. But do not let this stop you.
You do not have to go to a ICAACT scanning session to get scanned. But it is free (?) and you will also meet other TI’s. There are also commercial companies doing all kinds of scans, including a total body scan. Prices start around 500 euro’s. If you decide to do a scan I suggest you make sure that the scan data is your property and that the scan organization confirms that they do not keep copies. Your scan data is very personal, it is like a passport.
As a final word I really hope all these scanning sessions will result in ending the attacks on many innocent people.

Be more credible, get business cards

When you are a target of these crimes then it is a good idea to spread your message in a credible way. One way to do this is to present business cards to people who attack you including those who do not know what they are doing. Create your own business cards or request 20 STOPEG business cards by sending an email with your address to info@stopeg.nl (free).

Do not be anonymous, show who you are

When you are a target of gang stalking and/or electronic harrasment, you are attacked easily because you are anonymous. Doing sports is a good thing, and wearing a T-shirt with your name on it, or STOPEG on it, etc. during workout, running, etc. reduces the attacks because the organizers do not want your harassers informed.
Create your own T-shirt or buy the STOPEG T-shirt.

Stay in touch with the world, stay online
In many cases your attackers will do everything to block you from contacting others, maintaining your contacts, doing research. They do this by manipulating your mobile phone, your PC, your email account(s), etc. Take enough precautions to avoid problem (you also should take if you are not a victim):

  • Have a screen lock on your mobile phone and PC
  • Have a secure connection with your email provider
  • Have at least two email accounts and have the first one also forward your mail to the second one
  • Change your passwords at random times e.g. once in 1-2 months
  • Do not make it too easy for others to physically accesss your mobile phone or PC
  • Do not install or limit the number apps on your mobile because most apps are spyware
  • Always try to have two of everything allowing you to e.g. to determine if an internet problem is caused by your PC or by the internet connection itself (using an old PC).

Never give up if things happen, stay calm and show you do everything to maintain your communication with the outside world.

– Others can install spy software on your phone and listen to all your conversations, even when not calling, etc. But probably they will not do this because then this leaves evidence, although it is very difficult to locate such software.

Send a letter by registered mail (not emails) to the government
Many victims who contact me ask what they must do. The first step is almost always to write a letter and ask for help. Send this letter by registered mail / Return receipt. You can also send it by email but in general this is by far not as effective as a letter and can it can easily get lost.

Send this to the mayor of your city or the Prime Minister of your country, and send copies to some other people, for example the chief of the police. Mention in the letter all to whom you send a copy, so that everyone who receives this letter knows! By adding the word ‘Confidential’ on the letter you can write down everything you want, including names (unless you send a letter to a newspaper or similar course). Keep the letter short, finish with your request for help from the police or for protection, and add any attachments with details.

You can also ask a friend to send a copy of your letter to make sure it is really send. It may take a while but you should receive a confirmation of receipt from the government. After some time, this may take a few months, you normally get an ‘official’ reaction. This usually is not the response you are hoping for but realize that this is a big step towards your own protection (even if it does not look this way initially).

Put your story online
It is always a good idea to write down what is happening. It makes you think more structured. You will also need this when you want to file a police report. Also, you will realize that putting your story online is always better than not having it online. You can put your story at a third party website e.g. http:/peacepink.ning.com or your own blog/website. There are a lot of free blog sites, e.g. http://www.wordpress.com. In addition you can also register a domain name and point this to your blog, e.g. check out http://www.godaddy.com. Most important is that you do updates of your status every month, every three months, etc. This way other people will know what is going on.

Start your own foundation or organization
I urge you to think about starting you own human rights organization. Although this seems very difficult to do it is not! Just make sure you keep the costs low. Try to do as much as possible yourself. First you need a good name for your organization, then register a domain name and website. You can start with a wordpress blog and point the domain name to it. You can also start a website instead of a blog, you can have your own website for e.g. 30 dollars/euro’s a year, just search the internet. Think about what your organization is going to do. Check the About STOPEG page for an example. After this all has been completed you need to take legal steps which differ between countries, e.g. go need to make an appointment with a lawyer, notary, IRS, etc.
Once you have this organization, you can start writing letters, etc. You also help your own case and other victims in theis case. Can you imagine the impact when every victim would start a foundation/organization fighting these crimes?

Protection against electronic attacks
Electronic weapons are used against people to give pain, to make suffer. When you are attacked with (through-wall) electronic weapons like directed energy weapons, laser weapons, you will look for ways to protect yourself. Locking your doors won’t work because they attack you through-wall.

Question: Is it possible to protect myself against electronic weapons?
Answer: No, there are no ways to protect yourself AND have a normal life.

Question: Is it necessary to protect myself?
Answer: Yes, any protection is much better than no protection at all.

Question: Can they murder me with electronic weapons?
Answer: Yes, they just attack your heart and that’s it.

Question: Will they murder me with electronic weapons?
Answer: Probaby not. They do not have a license to kill. But yes, they are allowed to ‘torture you into death’, like suicide, a psychiatric patient, criminal, etc. how ironic. Of course they can always make a ‘mistake’. Remember you can get killed in a (constructed) car accident, etc. as well.

When you really are a target then they look at you 24/7 and adapt to changes in your situation. For example when you move your bed they immediately move the beams that attack you as well, when you try to block the beam e.g. by using metal sheet they simply increase intensity.

Ways how I protect myself:

  • When I sit behind my PC, the wall behind me is covered with a metal cupboard with the shelves mounted vertical. Also buy some magnets and put your photo’s on this ‘wall’.
  • The back of the chair in front of my PC has 5 pieces of metal sheet, 100 cm x 50 cm x 1-2 mm, tied together with a strap.
  • A portable construction: 4 pieces of metal sheet, 50 cm x 25 cm x 1-2 mm, wrapped in a towel, tied together with rubber bands. This construction is in the back of my chair but I can also use it in front of me, in my car, in bed, etc.
  • A large cap, put wrinkeld tin foil inside, then add 10-15 bread baggies filled with water closed e.g. with rubber band, put on head if they attack you there
  • Hot water bottles. Have 5-10 and put them where you are attacked.

When you protect yourself these ways your attackers do not know exactly the damage they do, so in general they will be annoyed and may increase intensity initially to punish you for protecting yourself. Not easy but then you know have done the right thing. This is very limited protection! If they want they can still cook and burn you out of your house. You may want to run but remember that they do not have a license to murder you AND they do not want to leave evidence of their attacks on/in your body. That is why it is very important to let the authorities and other people know what is happening.

You can read a lot on the internet about protection against EM radiation. Also some people mention the Human Firewall (http://www.humanfirewall.com) for around your neck, and a sleeping bag made of radiation shielding material.

In general for protection against EM radiation, copper is much better than metal (iron), and gold is the best. Reason is material conductivity. To block very low frequencies (ELF) I think you need lead over copper because lead has a higher specific weight. Probably the best protection can be obtained using gold because:
– gold is very good conductor
– gold has a very high specific weight
But you can also try to replace the gold with copper and iron. If you experiment with lead then but be very careful for lead poisening!

A Faraday cage cannot block static or slowly varying magnetic fields, such as the magnetic field of the Earth. A compass will work inside a Faraday cage. When it comes to extremely low frequencies, or ELF (3 to 30Hz), a Faraday cage is unable to block these.

STOPEG can send a letter with your story by registered mail to the authorities

Until now the policy of STOPEG has been to give as much information as possible to victims, their family, friends and others. Our time was in writing articles and helping urgent victims to cope with the harassment. Now, most has been written and we are changing our policy and will try to much more actively support victims. Although we are not lawyers ourselves we believe that we can support victims more by having STOPEG foundation contact important people in your city, like the major, the chief of police, the governor of your state the president of your country. We will do this by sending a letter by (registered) mail, writing emails and making phone calls.

If you want STOPEG to send a letter by registered mail, then help us to speed up the process:

  1. Download the template letter here. The template is in MS_word format. Use LibreOffice Writer, OpenOffice Writer or Microsoft Word to edit.
  2. Go over the pages, make changes, add address information, your data and add your story. Limit your story to 4 pages maximum.
  3. Send the document to us. we will check, make changes if necessary, and return it to you for approval.
  4. Following your approval we will print and send the letter to the address you specified by registered mail.
  5. We will make PDF copies of the letter and email this to you together with a postal mail registration number.
  6. We suggest you print these pages immediately and always carry them with you.
  7. Now we can follow up by calling etc.

Another example of such a document:

To: [mr./mrs.] [Major/Chief of Police/Governor/President]
[City] [Postal code]

Dear [mr./mrs.] [Major/Chief of Police/Governor/President] (I am sorry if this is the incorrect way of addressing you),

My name is Peter Mooring of STOPEG foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking) and I have been contacted by:

[mr./mrs.] [your name]
[Your address]
[City] [Postal code]

[mr./mrs.] [your name] states that she/he is being attacked by:

– Gang stalking methods, in specific:
– Synchronized …
– …
– electronic weapons, in specific:
– Burned/cooked
– Mind controlled
– Voice-to-skull
– …

[mr./mrs.] [your name] states that she/he often:

– in great pain
– not sure to survive
– …

[mr./mrs.] [your name] asked me to contact you as you may be able to help [her/him]. You will find a short description of the current situation of [mr./mrs.] [your name] attached to this letter.

Although little or nothing can be proven by [mr./mrs.] [your name] I hope you can look into this matter and help [mr./mrs.] [your name]. Please note that 1) it is almost impossible for ordinary people to prove such attacks 2) these are not just some attacks, they aim to destroy a persons life, i.e. to cause the physical or mental death of the victim.
One can only wonder why police isn’t equipped to help the victims of gang stalking crimes and crimes with electronic weapons.

I thank you in advance for your help and hope to receive a response from you within a few weeks.

Kinds regards,
STOPEG foundation

Peter Mooring

M: +31 6 4124 3030
E: peterpm@xs4all.nl

P.S. I will also send you a letter by registered mail with the contents of this email.

Short sumary of case of [mr./mrs.] [your name]

I was first attacked ….

If you are a victim and want us to send emails and/or letters like this please supply us with as much information as possible. We need all your information, including address, phone, email address, a short summary of your story, contact information, etc.
Please use the example above and fill in all details, then send us your document by email to (use all three to make sure): info@stopeg.com, stopeg@xs4all.nl, peterpm@xs4all.nl, or contact us by other means, see below.

Airforce involved in stalking and cruel electronic torture of innocent people
 (Reported by Peter Mooring) I am a victim since 2000 of gang stalking/organized stalking and electronic harrasment/(cruel) electronic torture. A number of years ago they also started following and stalking me with military aircraft where ever I go. I am also shot (often cooked alive) with very high power Directed Energy Weapons, e.g. microwave weapons, (also) when these aircraft are around. The visible military aircraft may or may not be involved in shooting me, but function to distract, but the least they do is stalk me which is serious crime. My minimum conclusion is that the person who arranged (gave the initial order) the military aircraft being above me, is a murderer.

Full story here

It is very important to understand that many attacks are from the sky, i.e. from military aircraft, including helicopters, gliders, etc. Often they are not only aimed at you but also at some people surrounding you. But of course they can also attack you with installed equipment from neighbor houses or apartments. And they also have portable equipment, to look through walls and to burn and cook you, and mind control you. When you go to a hotel they just check in somewhere near and attack you from that location.

See also: http://www.electronictorture.com

Douglas Lee Thompson Blogger, T.I, Peace Activist

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