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imageFrom the dawn of humanity, the desire to control the thoughts, behaviour and actions of others has been a pervasive one. From the use of coercive persuasion by ancient Egyptians and the Knights Templar to today’s claims of Gang stalking, electronic harassment and microwave bombing, we have always been at the mercy of those who wish to reprogramme our thoughts and reshape our beliefs.

MIND WARS includes fascinating stories of:

Ancient attempts at mind control using spell casting, potions and rituals.

Cults and the use of mental reprogramming.

More modern mind-control techniques, from hypnosis, drugs and electroshock to radiation and psychic driving.

The inside story of the quest for a real Manchurian Candidate – MKUltra and the CIA connection.

The brave new world of electronic harassment, voice to skull technology and gang-stalking.

The inner frontier of the human mind is the last bastion of privacy. But are we really in control of our own minds? The answer may shock you!

From the dawn of humanity, the desire to control the thoughts, behaviors, and actions of others has been a pervasive one. But few people know mind control techniques have been around since the beginning of civilization itself.

From the use of coercive persuasion by ancient Egyptians and knights Templar, to mass mind manipulation and torture utilized by political and religious authorities through the Dark and middle Ages, to World War II and the inhumane Nazi experiments on concentration camp prisoners, more recent CIA’s Project MKUltra ( now declassified ) mind control programs of the 1950’s and trauma-based Project Monarch, to today Gang Stalking , electronic harassment, “microwave bombing” and neuro – linguistic programming ( NLP). We have been victims of those who wish to hack into the privacy of the minds computer, and rewrite our very thoughts and beliefs. These “handlers” and “programmers” desire to reshape the mind into a weapon of war and assassination, using either trauma – based or electronic-based intrusions, sometimes coupled with ritual abuse, occult practices, and even mutilation and torture.

It is my personal opinion Gang Stalking and electronic harassment, microwave bombing, NLP, is by definition Domestic Terrorism, How will these people involved regain there moral compass???? idk……

Mind Wars written by Marie D. jones and Larry Flaxman in 2015 is a great start to get your head around mind control and gang stalking 2016… its available at every local library… check it out, educate yourself.. the book covers some great topics…

  • Who’s been watching you from the shadows.
  • Social Programming.
  • The Positive side of Mind Control.
  • V2K
  • Electronic Harassment
  • Direct Energy Weapons.
  • Targeted Individuals.
  • United States of Surveillance.
  • Mind Control
  • Gang Stalking
  • Surveillance.
  • Social engineering.
  • Government Media.
  • Secret Societies.
  • Mind Wars.
  • Rituals and Rites.
  • MkUltra.
  • Mind Control in Modern Times.
  • Techniques of Control.
  • Weapons of Mass Control

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4 thoughts on “Introduction into: Mind wars 2016 / douglasleethompson blog

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  3. I am a victim of gang stalking,yes its hard to explain if you or your family are not going through it,thanks to the people on the web and you tube making people aware of this,I had surgery ,years ago and had kidney stone,I did not want to go for operation to remove stone did research on web to get rid of stone,I was vomiting urinating brown urine,what came out my body was a a small round piece of metal the size , like the top of a nail in diameter,and thickness of a 5 pence with numbers on one side .I have been gang stalked for 20 yrs.if and when I call Doctors Nhs Council police my phone gets directed to the same people,my mail is tampered with am followed ,have had radom folk saying things like (your life flashes before you before before you die)they will get you in the end) they now started on my daughter and son.its real,even typing this out it leaves mw thinking is this just another part of the psychological harrassment,they have been in my house ,yes its real and it could be anyone from a nice old lady to junkie shop assistant anyone in everyday life any how if this is also happening to you stay STRONG this is only some of the harrassment,the rest you wouldn’t believe thank you for reading Mary from Glasgow

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