We are in serious danger of destroying the biosphere, the envelope of living creators on Earth, real danger of humans not making it, Is Human Extinction Inevitable? douglasleethompson blog

Somebody, anybody, help……..


On the positive side, we’ve got almost 100 trillion years to figure out a solution. Given we’ve maxed out neuron-power as a computational platform, it seems likely that we’ll need an AI mind to conceive of the solution, by which point we may start integrating bio-tech to accelerate our nature a little, which raises the question of when we cease to be human (were neanderthals human?).  I think we’ll survive, but probably not in a recognizable form.

This is an S.O.S. – Save Our Species. It’s 2016… and I see we need massive change now to make it.. the Human race in my opinion has come to a dead end… 2016

As the growth of : PREDATORY GANGSTALKING, Humans pitting themselves against Humans… Gang Stalking is Social Engineering of the 21 Century,  Predatory Gangstalking is also called “terror stalking”, “gangstalking”, “flash mobbing”, “cause stalking,” “hate stalking,” “multi-stalking, “happy slapping,” “workplace bullying, and “covert war.”

all most all recruited to Predatory Gang Stalking are Narcissistic, and psychopathic traits…

Many humans think our species is very special and great.

I will tell you right now that I don’t think so, based on my 45+ years of direct observation and experience.

While I know a lot of very good people who work for the Greater Good, these are such a tiny minority and overwhelmed by the careless and selfish people. I see a vast majority of selfish humans absorbed in their own self interests and indulgences, and at best fleetingly interested in responsibilities in our generation for life on our planet, mainly just lip service and easy opinions, even though we have been destroying other life on Earth at alarming rates with our new technologies and modern consumer economies.

Look at the destruction of the environment, disappearance of forests, extinction of species, and all the trash, all out of wanton consumption in our throw-away economy.

Next time you are on an airplane, look down. What do you see? How much natural ecosystem do you see down there?

Sure, people will talk a little bit about concern over the environment, but they usually aren’t willing to make sacrifices. How many are concerned with their carbon footprint? What percentage donate money, or work, to any cause such as saving species or the environment?

What matters most to people is making money and materialism.

Politics and votes are mostly about the economy, money, how to grow the economy, as any dummy knows. What politician is saying that we need to appreciate what we already have and learn to live happily with less, and more responsibly? How important is environmentalism in voting for our leadership? If you promote these issues, you’re pretty sure to see your popularity plummet with the general population.

Democracy is lowest common denominator government.

(This is not advocating alternatives. It is just that democracy is not working well enough due to the human nature of the masses. Of course, communism and totalitarianism are worse, turning out corrupt crony pyramid societies, and usually offensive to a free press, thereby further cutting away checks and balances. Not much more needs to be said about that. However, despite a free press, and all the verbage on the internet exposing politicians and our political systems, look at our governments. There is a revolving door between government regulators and business interests. Political election campaigns get major funding from special interests. But the voters are simple — for most of them, it’s all about money and the economy. Scandals come and go, but special interests just need to wait until a bad event passes and people forget about it, and then they can resume. I suspect this will happen with biotechnology and nanotechnology, too, if not in all countries then in enough countries to be dangerous.)

Meanwhile, turn on the TV or walk into a movie shop and look around at what is popular. Action violence. Mating. Money. Wanton power. Variations from this, such as educational documentaries about the infinite wonder of our universe from microscopic to universal, are a very small minority, and not prime time, just tiny niche markets. Overwhelmed by action violence, mating, money and wanton power.



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