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faith is the act of letting go,???

Life is stupid,??

Man is a little germ, on a little blue Rock in a vast Universe, a Rock Ball,,, flying around this fire, life is weird, stupid, there is not Logic, it’s dull, yet magical, beautiful, God, its so vast I cant even speak a word God might understand.. he may find me funny , cute, sweet, but could I speak in words I could even understand… yet here I AM right in the middle of it… saying awe-sum, wow….. ahhhh its stupid,, God does not even spend time thinking of Religion , like I might not spend any amount of time thinking about a pebble on the ground… yet it’s everything I believe to be true… I see that faith is the simple act of letting go, I don’t need to believe anything , but to simply experience, feel… nothing more or less… Life doesn’t happen to me, but for me… like walking or talking , thinking, making love, kissing, or simply open & close my hand… as I drink the Pacific Ocean with a folk… who Am I? what is I,,, bugs me,, chasing this man in a void mirror… so I let go of that….. just let go,, I have to spend time telling myself to Let go… Hmmmm its a Un-reality, its my Anti-Self that’s what makes up a thing,  in this Reality…. now Reality isn’t Actuality, Reality is the Echo of what is real…..


Grand Illusion (Live)






BTW: Human Rights issues of 2016





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