How to Master your Doh-mayn, Human domain and human intellectual property / arc jojo

do not connect any neuro networks to Douglas Lee Thompson without expressed written consent and a face to face meeting . email to schedule an appointment.


establish your domain by a declaration of right.

ref 4:30

Blacks Law 10th edition , page 1987, article 1 Declaration of Human Rights.


Blacks Law 10th edition, declaration of rights page 495,

Doh-mayn code , intellectual property code, human being

Douglas Lee Thompson

Blacks Law 10th edition page 1611 , 13c, page 1610,  Source codes 14c originator or primary agent of an act.

malice 18c, 14c, pg 1100,,1101

Blacks Law 10th edition, domain name infringement pg 591

Blacks Law 10th edition page 1611 13c,

Blacks law 10th edition page 676 , code 11 violation

evidence of human doh-mayn code violation , human beings intellectual property violation, these codes present mathematical evidence , page 676, 18c, establishes its conclusion with absolute certainly. That the human beings domain and intellectual property is protected.

notes R&D

what is true illumination?  Chris

declaration of Sovereignty, declaration of criminal harvesting of intellectual property. C.I.P.

Code 11 Violation…

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