Posted Public Notice, McFly Alert , Code 11, Posted: No Trespassing , Notice Douglas Lee Thompson , Domain and intellectual property is Private Property. $3,000.00 Fine per infringment / Arc jojo

@ArcjojoDexterME Twitter contact For Neuro Network connection permission


image UN

I am chi

Notice: Domain Douglas Lee Thompson, Arc jojo, Bodhi Rex North, Arc jojo Bodhisattva, Liam Llewellyn Badger Actor, Dugra, Saint Bla Bla, one day got put on Blast.

where is my domain? everywhere I am

where is my dwelling? everywhere I am

where do I live ? everywhere I am

where do I get my mail ? everywhere I am and

where is my Domain and  IP address, Human intellectual property?  Everywhere I am

where is my vessel? everywhere I am

where is my temple? everywhere I am

” 1000 arms , great golden figure ”

personal domain violation code 11, Criminal Harvesting of intellectual property, domain Trespassing, infringement in a $ 3,000.00 fine per intrusion. Outsourcing of Douglas Lee Thompson’s IP and Domain is a fine of $ 3,000.00 per infringement.

What is code 11 Arc jojo

arcjojo.douglasleethompson 006682480 USN Veteran, Dover-Foxcroft , 12.27.1969

C.I.P Notice …

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