I am a victim of a Multi source Hunting algorithm based on neural networks, a new design over the past two + years . A intelligent system merging biological intelligence with artificial intelligence. Application of hierarchical dissociated neural networks in closed loop hybrid system integrating biological human neural pathways of the brain to computer based mechanical intelligence. Effecting Cognitive functions, Biological Functions, motor skills, Vision, and Private parts of my being.

see Blacks Law 10th edition Clearance Center at 222 Rosewood Dr. Danvers, MA. 01923 USA 978-750-8400

Private Domain rights apply and Intellectual Property rights includes the entire Human body of Douglas Lee Thompson, IP Hard and Soft Options. I am the property owner of domain & IP. property owner of all connection’s to neural networks. I own all connections seen and Unseen connected to my being. I own any and all Wifi connections connected to the human being Douglas Lee Thompson until they receive expressed written consent of the property owner. To schedule an appointment email : Fines include $ 3,000.00 to $300,000.00 per hyperlink connection from 12/27/1969 to present .

Note : Domestic Terrorism, Bio Terrorism, Cyber Terrorism, International Terrorism, State Sponsored Terrorism, page 1702

Keywords: Bio-psychosocial Paradigm,  Neuro – biological structure , Neuro Plasticity , Psychosocial Genomics, A Robust sensor selection method for P300 BRAIN TO COMPUTER INTERFACES BCI’s

” A brain – computer interface (BCI) is a specific type of human – computer interface that enables direct communication between Human – Computer to Human network.”

Connection of Human to Computer’s is strictly Prohibited ! No Trespassing Private Domain and IP. Humans are Sacred …

Criminal Intent: Page 931

Hostile Intent: Page 931

Manifest Intent: Page 931

Ulterior Intent: Page 931

Interest: 15C Page 934 Applies , Property Trespass, Harvesting Intellectual Property, ( hard & soft options ) Domain Name infringement of the Human being ( Body/Mind and all seen and seen attachments) Interest applies,, to each infringement fine unpaid, each CIP fine unpaid, Lien Agent laws apply, Lien applicable to personal property, land holdings, Bank accounts, Stock accounts, Estate Holdings, and Federal / State Tax garnishment probable, Garnishment of Retirement accounts do not apply if a Qualified Account. Fines range from $3,000.00 to $300,000.00 per hyper link neuro connection from a computer / human computer linkage , Social Engineering , Human experimentation , Email for approval to my Private Neuro Network.

Claim of Payment  13C: page 301

Agent : Page 76

Principle 146 page 1386

Principle Right

Lien Agent, Liable 15C page 1055

Corpus Delicti: Page 419

Intent: 13C Page 930

Use of “Weapon of Mass destruction ” Page 1827

Cloud Computing : page 311

Cloud on Title: Douglas Lee Thompson SSN006682480 Intellectual Property , Private Domain , Sacred Being , Harvesting Intellectual Property is a Crime

Coercion: Page 315

Code of Conduct : Page 313

Blacks Law 10th edition Clearance Center at 222 Rosewood Dr. Danvers, MA. 01923 USA 978-750-8400

See Trespassing Laws, Trespass page 1733 13C Blacks Law 10th editionAn

Property law:  page 1412

Tangible Personal Property : Page 1843

Private Property : Page 1843 17c

Persona: Latin 1812 A person : an individual human being : Page 1325

Intent 13c : Page 930

Intellectual Property offense: page 930

Intellectual Property Crime: Page 930

Hard Option, Intellectual Property: Page 930

Soft Option, Intellectual Property: Page 930 , a category of intangible rights protecting commercially valuable product of the Human being intellect.  Harvesting Human Brain Intellectual Property is a Crime, CIP Fines range from $ 3,000.00 to $ 300,000 per connection. See Intellectual Property Page 930 (1808) Blacks Law 10th edition

See crimes against property

are you a Co-conspirator? page 312. Coconspirators are as guilty as the person’s committing  the Crime itself.

Malice : page 1100 14C

International Terrorism : 942

Intent to Kill: Page 932

Kidnapping: Page 1001

Dominium : Page 594

Notice : Page 1227

Private Prison : Page 1387

Dominium : Page 594

Malice aforethought 17c 1101

malicious motive : page 1102

hostile intent page 931

malicious injury : Page 906

bio-terrorism : page 1702

cyber terrorism : page 1702

domestic terrorism : 1702

Property interest : Page 935

felonious Intent: Page 931

Trespass : Page 1733 13C , NO Trespassing period. No connecting to the body / brain of the Human being : Douglas Lee Thompson with neural net , gaming devices , no social media, social engineering, human experimentation, Private Domain , Private Doy-mayn , Intellectual Property , Hard and Soft Options . NO FUCKING Trespassing …. Mate!


You may not attach anything to the property owner of Douglas Lee Thompson without permission. doh-mayn , Domain and IP are private, seen or unseen, no neural networks for any reason may connect.

12 / 27/ 1969 Born Dover – Foxcroft , Maine til present , notice applies ,


Vest : Page 1794

Vested: page 1794

Property interest: Page 935

Uniform Code of Military Justice : Page 1792

Universal Declaration of Human Rights Page 1987

pages: 1986-1991 article 1-30

The Constitution of the United States : Page 1973 – 1985

State Sponsored terrorism : Page 1702

Code of federal Regulations: 313






see Blacks Law page 1987 , 10th edition

Article 1

Universal declaration of human rights December 10, 1948

UCMJ : Uniform code of Military Justice page 1792 ,







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    Blacks Law 10th , Dictionary , 10th edition, 978-750-8400 , email for clearance to connect Douglas Lee Thompson to any Neural network , human to Computer connection are forbidden, without expressed permission of the property owner. Im the property owner Bitch!

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