Was your incident provoked by the SFPD/ATF/DEA? ” The Narc has it out for the Arc “/ Arc jojo

Blog Artist Arc jojo : A man has a right to protect his property and his life.

Black’s LAW Source of Reference

Clearance Center: I am Douglas Lee Thompson

Bryan A. Garner , J.D., LL. D. Editor

222 Rosewood Drive

Danvers, MA. 01923 USA

978-750-8400 fax 978-646-8600

I am a

Undisclosed Agent:  Page 78

Double Agent:  Page 76

I am an intelligence source conduit for multiple Agencies

Special Agent 17c :  Page 77

see employ N 1666 la: use purpose b: occupation, job . From the book of I am. ” Merriam Webster’s Collegiate. 1111

I am not a Agent Provocateur:Page 78

I am not a Bagman Page 167

The use of Neuro-Networks to infringe on Human Rights IS strictly prohibited , by City Police Department’s, U.S Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol ,Tobacco , Firearms and Explosive ( ATF)

Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA )

U.S Marshals Service

Declaration of Human Rights : Page 1987 Article 1 – 30









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