How I put a lien on at&t and earned my first billion dollars by understanding simple property rights, neural networks & the United States of America / arc jojo douglasleethompson blog 

Arc jojo Blog Artist
*** How I put a lien on At&t and earned my first billion dollars by understanding simple property rights 
Blacks Law 10th edition 
At&t net worth: AT&T is an American telecommunications company that has a net worth is $200 billion

When it came to me and came to neural networks , at&t forgot computer to human BCI interfaces require expressed permission from both computer and the human being. This human being just so happens to be the property owner of himself and on top of that beautiful body is a beautiful GOD given mind with 80 billion neurons in my brain,, my brain! This human being was more importantly POSTED as PRIVATE PROPERTY , Private Doh-mayn, Sacred, NOTICE POSTED in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, in a 


80,000,000,000 neurons dude, and there all mine… bla bla
That’s 80 Billion neurons of me , times 8 billion human beings ruffly on the Earth. For a total neural net sum of:
640, 000,000,000,000,000,000

What ever that fucking number IS. 

Protocol :


who’s domain and intellectual property is this connecting to my domain and intellectual property.
Picture: computer and King of the castle, connecting 
Douglas Lee Thompson



Remote ID


User authentication 

User name

Proxy statement of authority 

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connects two computers securely and privately over the internet, even though that is a public network. A VPN client on one computer connects to a VPNserver on another computer and by using encryption and other security measures, no-one can see what information is being exchanged.
What is Bio pic? What is a bio terrorist, what is weapon of mass destruction? 
See Black Law 10th edition 

For legal definitions  

80 billion neurons in your brain

640, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 neurons in us mier humans popping off in 

sympathy style , like the Dirty Duchess…

Blog Artist references : 
I recognize the Word Master: , so they get there IP credit. 
Singer Allison Cook for the opera quote /www.

Future Blog Artist workshop material:

Arc jojo
Music symbol 7 &
Understand Domain, property rights, intellectual property, and human labels. Profiling a namaste before ever meeting him/her .
Reference Blacks Law 10th edition 
Russell Crowe 

Jim Carey

Barack Hussein Obama 

Michelle Obama

Khloé Kardashian Odom 

Russell Peters

Russell Brand

Doug Stanhope

Sir Michael Caine

Britney bla bla… 
One day Saint Bla Bla got put on Blast 

On the neural net , am I hearing “there” voice or a resonant frequency of that human beings voice being run through a computer. Creating 

artificial instruments, a vocal tract resonance largely used in bio terrorist activities. Domestic terrorism activities or just future gaming with human experimentations subjects. WHO the fuck knows , maybe I’ll wait for a call back from the World Health Organization. Or can I be sure if that’s not a neural mind fuck OP . 😉 
I sure know they include certain names : the pro·ver·bi·al


They, and exclude others names .. See list above .. Do they match your neural bio feedback track.

Douglas Lee Thompson Private Poperty See Posted Notice : Private Domain ” Doh-mayn ” and private intellectual Property. Hard and Soft Options.

Noah Douglas Thompson Private Property See Posted Notice: Private Domain ” Doh-mayn ” and private intellectual Property. Hard and Soft Options.

Claudia Nicole Thompson See Posted Notice: Private Domain ” Doh-mayn ” and private intellectual Property.  Hard and Soft Options .

Legal Reference: Blacks Law

10 edition

Douglas Lee Thompson Dexter , Maine 04930

Footnote: keyword
VA Inspector General

Hotline (53E)

810 Vermont Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20420



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