TMZ and neural networks , it’s a simple property issue / Arc jojo

Does the Human being , own his or her body?

Yes or no?

Everything in that human body -Harvey Robert Levin ?

Yes or no?

All 80billion + neurons ?
Reference Backs Law 10th editions

Page1987 Article 1

Harvey Robert Levin have you studied : doh-mayn rights? domain rights? Intellectual property rights? Yes or no?

; Hard or soft Harvey, would you connect a computer driven neural network to a human without consent? 

Yes or no?

Harvey Robert Levin are you a Coconspirator?

6 wher·ev·er

you see a Rainbow    that’s God promise 9 

Would you represent me in a legal case if not a Coconspirator? Yes or no

Simple property case ;



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Understanding Human Property Rights and Neural Networks / Arctist jojo


Forest WhitakerArtist, social activist

Founder & CEO, Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative

UNESCO Special Envoy for Peace

Blacks Law 10 edition Page 1987

Article 1-30

Notice “NO Trespassing Template” for Human Neurons property rights, Domain & Intellectual Property, hard & soft options

With Jude Law, Forest Whitaker, Alice Braga, Liev Schreiber. Set in the near future when artificial organs can be bought … £




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‎Darfur · ‎Sadiq al-Mahdi · ‎National Congress (Sudan) · ‎Luis Moreno Ocampo​
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Gene Rossi was an assistant U.S. attorney in an opioid investigation that led to 235 convictions.